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Olympic Airlines Joins Aeolus

Posted by Tarik Bercin on Jan 16th 2016

Welcome our new Official IVAO Member Airline, Olympic Airlines Virtual


The Olympic Airlines Virtual is a virtual airline, that created to simulate the actual Olympic Airlines, when it was culminated in the world's aviation community. Created by people with enthusiasm and passion for flight simulation and love for aviation. Experienced and new virtual pilots, all together, we have created a company, having fun with our hobby, but atthe same time, and pass the most experienced, their knowledge to the younger pilots. OAH maintains its own TeamSpeak server where its members can be found anytime, chatting, having fun, hanging out or throwing, as well as to ask any questions in relation to our hobby. Olympic Airways-Airlines Virtual is divided into two subsidiaries, the Olympic Airlines and the Olympic Charter. The first simulates the actual flights of OAH, while the second one provides the freedom to fly to and from any destination.always dependent of the type of aircraft that you are allowed to fly. Olympic Airlines Virtual operates exclusively on the network of IVAO. If for you, the name OLYMPIC is in your heart, we are waiting for you!

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