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December 2013 Event

Posted by Jake Savage on Dec 14th 2013

Yes, its that time of year again, the final event and we think this one will put the cherry on the cake. 


We have had a great year here at Aeolus Alliance, not only did we open operations in July but all of our members have joined and helped make the alliance what it is now, probably one of the fastest growing alliances out there. After a fun filled year of events it was a difficult decision, we had to make this event really special for the time of year, and i think we have succeeded in this, seemingly impossible mission, we have come up with the best event of the year.


Well, lets not put it off any longer, the final event of 2013 is LOWW - EFHK, or Vienna International Airport to Helsinki International Airport. This 2 hour flight will take you from one of the most popular ski resorts in Europe to the Capital City of Finland, one of the most northern countries in Europe, stretching right up to the Arctic Circle.


This event will be held on the 29th December at 1700UTC. We will try and provide ATC at both bases but we cannot promise. If needs be please communicate with other pilots so you know when it is safe to land.


The suggested route for this flight is: N0445F350 KOXE1B KOXER Z649 XENAK UM985 DBV UL999 SUPAK P139 GERVI M857 VAKAL/N0445F370 M857 INTOR INTO3R



All thats left to say is we here at Aeolus Alliance thank you for your support, have a merry merry christmas and wonderful new year and we look forward to growing further and seeing you all again in 2014.


Jake Savage

PR Manager

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