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AEOLUS Membership Application

(all fields are required!)
Please be sure to submit the Information in the correct format! (Indicated in red.) It is part of a serious application that all information and files are supplied in the formats which we need for displaying on our website. In case of a serious application we expect the VA to take the time to carefully read the requirements on this form and supply images and dates in the correct format.
Your Email Adress
Virtual Airline Name
Airline 3 Letter Code
Application Letter
Airline Description
Airline URL (Full URL including http:// )
Operating Since (DD-MM-YYYY)
Hubs (seperated by , major hub to be the first)
Number of Daily Departures
Number of Destinations Served by the Airline
Number of Aircraft in Fleet
Aircraft Types operated by the Airline (Aircraft ICAO Codes seperated by , )
Chief Executive Officer
Airline Logo (Full URL including http://, FORMAT: 100px X 100px)

Below please include 5 screenshots of your aircraft in your VA`s livery to be used on our website in case of a positive application!
FILE TYPE: jpg or png FORMAT: max. 1100px X 600px - min. 700px X 350px!

1st Screenshot (Full URL including http:// )
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