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The BETAv is a virtual airline nonprofit, modern, advanced that simulates most of the procedures in the cabin of an aircraft. We use the networks IVAO and VATSIM to simulate, in real time, various aero procedures well as radio, air traffic rules IFR and VFR, besides the procedures as a frighter virtual company . We accept anyone wishing to pursue a career in aviation virtual, no matter where you are or what your current skill level. Our goal is to create a fun environment across the skies in the colors of BETA Cargo Virtual. It will be a pleasure to have you in our crew! Come fly with us ...

Name:BETA Cargo Virtual
Status:Full Member
Member Since:2013-07-21
Operating Since:2011-06-20
Aircraft Types in Fleet:A332F, AT75F, B190C, B703C, B722F, B734F, B737C, B748F, B752F, B763F, B77L, DC10F, DC87F, MD11F
Fleet Size:32
Daily Departures:64
Destinations served:218
Chief Executive Officer:Jose Netto
Last Update:2014-02-11 11:02:16

Total Schedules:
Total Flights Flown:
Total Hours Flown:
Flights this Month:
Flights Today:
Last Update:2018-02-19

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