Milan Airways La Slitta di Milan Airways LIMC-LICA [IVAO]

This event is hosted by Milan Airways.
It takes place on Dec 18th 2017 at 20:00

Welcome to the christmas event of Milan Airways, the route will be Milan Malpensa - Lamezia Terme (LIMC-LICA). The event is the iconic way that Milan Airways has been adopting for many years to wish its pilots a Merry Christmas. Connect to our TeamSpeak 3 channel ( and fly with us to Lamezia Terme! ATC coverage will be guaranteed so to avoid putting the other riders in difficulty, it is highly recommended to know the aircraft with which you fly and keep the procedural maps at hand! Sign up by booking your departure slot. We are awaiting for you at the gate for the departure at 21 Italian time! Aeolus Alliance VA's are also invited. route: LAGEN L50 ELB L12 VELAD M728 ROTUN M603 SOR M620 ARBUM (under FL330) route: LAGEN DCT NORNI DCT POLIT M620 ARBUM (above FL330).

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