Milan Airways "Napul'e LIML-LIRN" [IVAO]

This event is hosted by Milan Airways.
It takes place on Mar 29th 2017 at 19:00

Here we are at the third event of Milan Airways on IVAO, we decided to enjoy a classical route of Linate airport, we are talking about the flight Milan Linate - Naples Capodichino, is a medium-range but the right length. The flight consist in a groupflight by the hub LIML Linate to Naples Capodichino LIRN. Under indicated the validated route to follow mandatory UP TO FL330 by Eurocontrol. Route: LOGDI Y663 EKDIR M872 FRZ L995 TEA (da FL250 a FL330) We await you online and in our Channel Teamspeak 3 that will be set up with a special room for the event!AEOLUS Alliance VA's are also invited.

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